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  You have probably noticed that new driveways are jetblack when they are laid and over a period of a year or two they become gray in coloration and loose stones may begin to appear on the surface.

This condition is from the oxidation of the asphalt caused by UV rays. 

Master Seal,
is a protective coating for the pavement surface.

It functions unlike any other pavement coatings. It slows down the oxidation process and helps prevent additional seepage of water. It is a rejuvenator seal
It: penetrates the surface of the pavement up to a depth of ¼ inch and adds asphalt back into the oxidized surface. It also adds asphalt with a harder penetration level than the original pavement to help deter further deterioration.

The standard oxidized level of a pavement surface is 1/8 inch;
therefore the sealer helps to bond the deteriorated level of pavement surface to the portion not affected by oxidation.

Sealer can be applied every 2-3 years, unlike coal tars which sometimes have problems with build up and tracking. The  sealcoating used by our Colorado  company has improved the life span of pavements up to 20 years or more!

             Seal Coating your asphalt can protect your pavement from:
                                        Sun damage, Moisture, and Chemicals
                            " And greatly enhance the longevity of your pavement "

  Sealcoating makes old pavement look like new and protect new surfaces from future wear and tear. Adding Co sealcoating is one of the smartest investments you can make;

   It is far less costly to invest prevenative maintenance now than to have to repair     
damage later on that could have been avoided or significantly delayed.

    Benefits Of Seal Coat:

Deep black finish with uniform texture that is easy to clean and maintain year round.

Resists gas and oil drippings, salt and harmful effects of chemicals which
      can soften and breakdown the surface area.

A cost effective way to give your investment a cosmetic update.

Shields against sun and weather damage helping build a positive company image.

            Best suited for Driveways,Small and Large Parking lots, Bike Paths.

            Give us a call for all your Seal Coating Needs :

       One Call...On Call.. 303-953-2560 Fast, Friendly, Fair.

        ***** Denver Asphalt has a variety of sealcoating options. ******

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